Just Come

JUST COME is a Tourist Operator and Outdoor Activities Company specialized in the territory of Arouca Geopark.

But JUST COME is not just a company. It’s a concept, a commitment and the way we are.

The “Just Come” concept is related with the personalized, comprehensive and integrated way we propose to receive our customers. We know that there are no equal people, and we try to tailor the visiting experience to the expectations and characteristics of each visitor.

We take the commitment to deal with everything! Think of every detail of our activities and programs so that everything flows, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Just have fun, contemplate and enjoy!

This is how we are. We welcome our guests in the same way we like to be treated when we travel. With professionalism and responsibility, but also with the authenticity and hospitality that characterize our people.

We are a team of local people, with an immense passion for this territory; by the nature in which it is inserted, by the adventures that live here, by the history and stories inherited, by the customs and culture and by its traditional and delicious gastronomy.

We have long been explorers and tourists in this our land. And, since always, we wanted to share, to show those who visit us the best landscapes, the most amazing curiosities. Explain how these Mountains and Valleys were formed, showing the geological phenomena that exist here and that are unique in the World. Guide to paradisiacal places and present the fauna and flora that inhabit them. Talk about the different phases of the human occupation of these lands, and the importance each one had in local, national and even world history. Tell the stories that we had been told and lead to delight in the best local delicacies.

We are also adventurers and travelers. We are experienced and assiduous practitioners of sports and activities that we promote, both in this region and in other regions of the country and the world. In our travels, we try to know what is most authentic and special in each place. That is why we feel it is our duty to provide this kind of experience to those who visit us.

Come with us to live your tour or adventure in this territory that is so special, and do not worry about anything else … Just Come!

A certified company

RNAVT 5479 | RNAAT 522/2017

Just Come is a company certified by the legal entities that regulate the activities of Tourism and Nature Tourism in Portuguese territory.

We are registered in the National Register of Travel Agencies and Tourism (RNAVT) and in the National Registry of Agents of Tourist Animation (RNAAT) of Turismo de Portugal. What attests that Just Come meets all the legal requirements for the exercise of these activities.

Our activities have been recognized since 2017 by the Instituto da Conservação de Natureza e das Florestas (ICNF) with the quality of “Nature Tourism”. This distinction defines that Just Come has formally adhered to the Code of Conduct, which implies compliance with several items related to Corporate Responsibility and Good Environmental Practices.

Our priority is to offer personalized service, unique and tailored to the motivations and needs of our clients, in a spirit of close proximity and sharing, valuing the richness and specificity of the region, thus contributing to the growing consolidation of the image of this region.

To understand the motivations of our clients, making them a reality, and to exceed their expectations, looking for the excellence of the products and services we develop.

Preserve the natural and built heritage, promoting its value, its importance and its cultural interest.

We intend to be leaders in our area of activity and a reference company, recognized as the best option for customers, employees, community and suppliers, for the quality and excellence of our products, services and relationship.

Be an effective and dynamic organization.

Our values are based on safety, respect and appreciation of people, as well as their satisfaction.

Excellence with simplicity.

Integrity with all audiences.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability.